Archeage costume synthesis

Once you have the Basic Costume in your possession for your ArcheAge Accountit will need an infusion of Synthium in order to level up from Basic to Grand and gain its first statistic. Synthium can be found in the dropped purses, bags, and safes from all monsters in Auroria, and directly from Mistsong Summit monsters and World Bosses.

Once you have two Stones in your possession, you can fuse them into your Basic Costume and give it experience. If you do not possess two stones, you will not be able to execute an infusion with only one!

Give it enough experience and it will increase in grade. Costumes will gain a new statistic at the Grand, Arcane, and Heroic grades. Again, these statistics will be drawn randomly from a pool of statistics that are related to your Basic Costume choice, and that pool of options will increase as the costume reaches higher grades.

As the costume gains experience, the statistics it possesses will increase. Higher grades of costume will begin requiring crafted versions of Synthium Stones. These crafted recipes depend on the Alchemy vocation, and require Clear Synthium Stones as a base. When this system is introduced, the Costume Synthesis system will be limited to making Heroic grade Basic Costumes. However, the system will slowly expand with future updates to the game and eventually allow players to reach Mythic level stats.

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Noxious News 11 February How do I fuse the bikini image onto a ranged basic costume. Wont let me fuse the two and wont let me extract the swimwear image from it to make it an image item instead of a wardrobe.

Stewpendust 6 October This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Costumes Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume. Alabaster Perinoor Silks. Angelic Whisper. Arasha Nomad.

archeage costume synthesis

Armored Wavewyrm Costume. Arrogant Duelist Costume. Auroran Navy Uniform. Barrel Splash Swimwear. Battle Fae. Black Cat Undergarment. Black Pearl Swimwear. Black Pearl Undergarment. Black Sands. Blood Dream Dynasty Robe. Bloodmaw Eveningwear. Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Costume. Bloody Ball Gown. Blossom Perinoor Cottons. Blue Devils Hoodie. Blue Dragon Costume. Blue Ocean Undergarments. Breezy Floral Swimwear. Bubblegum Swimset.

Bubblegum Swimwear. Careless Whisper Raiment. Cherryberry Yata Costume. Chimera Agent Uniform. Chimera Ceremonial Uniform. Classic Service Uniform.

Classic Steamracer. Classic Steamracer Helmet. Colordaze Swimwear. Coral Wavewyrm Costume.There are four costumes that can be enhanced.

Archeage - Perfect Stats Costume Guide

They can be purchased with guild Prestige or Loyalty Tokens. At purchase, the costumes are at the Basic Grade. Much like leveling a guild cloak, costumes use items called Synthium Stones to level up.

Costume Enhancements

When a costume can be upgraded to the next grade, it randomly chooses a stat or effect that is relevant to the kind of costume picked. To level a costume, go into your Inventory and click on the "Regrade Item" button. Click on the tab tagged as "Synthesis" the fourth tab on the window.

Select a costume to put in the "Base Costume" slot, and two Synthium Stone materials in the next two. If one does not wish to have a certain stat or buff, it can be randomly changed using a Serendipity Stoneavailable from the Login Badge workbench in Mirage Isle.

A costume must be of the Arcane grade or higher to re-roll the stats. Sign In. From ArcheAge Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

archeage costume synthesis

Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.Using Costume Synthesis, players can add stats to their costumes, allowing them to be used functionally as well as cosmetically—sort of. The Basic Costumes don't actually affect your appearance, but take up a costume slot.

Once you've chosen one that works for you and your class, you can synthesize it to add new effects, such as increased Max Health, Physical Defense, etc. The amount of options available is limited at first, but will increase over time. In order to gain these stats, the costume has to be leveled to Grand using Synthium Stones, which are crafted from Synthium Shards. As the costume levels, it will be given random statistics from an ever-growing pool. The existing statistics will also increase in power as the amount of experience the costume has increases.

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Once you've found a look you like, you can fuse it with the Basic Costume to create a costume that has stats. Should you want to remove it later, you can do so with an Extraction Alembic. The really bizarre part of the system is that you will have to wash your costume in order to keep the stats active. If you don't use Synthium Soap on the costume every 30 days, it will be as if the costume doesn't have stats until it is washed again.

You can find a recorded livestream about the feature here. Facebook Twitter Reddit.With the ArcheAge 3. The previous way of obtaining the undergarment from a Proven Warrior's Workbench is no longer available. Please note that if this conversion process is engaged, the existing underwear is consumed and any applied augments lunatear is lost.

Existing Proven Warrior Underwear can also be converted into an image item but is not upgradable per the new system. These versions can be acquired through the above mentioned conversion process OR:. When the undergarment is obtained it is cloaked and tradable. Undergarments start with no stats, at basic grade.

Undergarments can be synthesized using the exact same method as the Costume System. Upgraded underwear earns up to 5 stats, with each stat granted at the following grades: Grand, Arcane, Unique, Divine, and Legendary. The stat pool is similar to the costume stat pool and can be reviewed through the synthesis user interface.

Note that stats that pertain to a basic archetype are more heavily weighted than those from another archetype. Undergarments also support specific types of Lunagems and earn an increasing number of slots based on their grade.

Lunagem slots are earned when the undergarment reaches Grand, Heroic, Celestial, and Divine grades for a total of 4 Lunagem slots. The following lunagems can be socketed into the new underwear:. Underwear stats last for 30 days and expire after that period. They can be refreshed for an additional 30 days by using Synthium Soap to wash them, just like costumes.

Undergarment stats can also be rerolled using Serendipity Stones. Both of these interactions function the same as the costume system. Like CostumesUndergarments can be upgraded using Synthium Stones. There are 4 types:. Radiant Synthium Stones have to be crafted up from lower tier stones.Start stacking stats on your costumes with the new Costume Synthesis system.

But how this system works? Start at the Beginning — the Basic Costume. These bases come in four types, depending on what you want to use them for: Melee, Ranged, Magic, or Healing. Choose the Basic Costume that works the best for your class, as it will generate statistics depending on its type.

The pools of options it can pull from at first are limited, but extremely useful to that specific type of class. This marketplace platform is a reputable trading hub that offers a safe and easy way to buy and sell items and currency for ArcheAge and many other popular games.

You can get your ArcheAge Gold here offered by other players. In hunting ArcheAge Gold with these news costume and costume synthesis system, you can be fashionable and stacked up in stats.

archeage costume synthesis

Get the stats and the looks you want for your ArcheAge Gold hunter. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Your cloak, unlike your other equipment, does not progress through standard Regrading.

It is something you can get early and can spend weeks or even months to reach the highest tier. First, you must be in a Guild to purchase. Also, it is only purchasable when your Guild is level 3 or higher. Prestige can be earned by doing Daily Guild quests and Daily Hunting quests in conflict zones.

New Costume Synthesis System for ArcheAge Gold Hunters

There are 5 different basic cloaks to choose from, each costing Prestige Points and each giving a Stat Bonus and one other Effect. As you level up your cloak, the Effects will increase and new effects will be added. These materials drop off special mobs that spawn in Purified areas of an Auroria Territory. The other Aurorian Territories will spawn special mobs when their Purification Zone Tower is destroyed.

There are different grades of Stones and Shards that drop based on the level of the mobs. Note, all Synthesis Shards and Stones are Bind on Pickup and Untradeable meaning the only way you can get them is farming the mobs yourself or win the roll in a group. Your Cloak will start at Basic Grade and as you level it up, it will increase in Grade as well. To Level up your cloak, open the Regrade window, and click on the Synthesis tab.

It will show you how much EXP your cloak will gain. There is a small Gold fee for each Synthesis feeding. Note: You can also use other cloaks to feed your cloak, so if obtain other cloaks through quests or farming, hold on to them to feed to your Guild cloak.

However, the new Effects are randomly added from a list of possible Effects. This way, you can re-roll an unfavorable Effect for a for a better one. When you are Synthesizing your cloak, you can click on the small magnifying glass icon above the Effects to see all the possible Effects that can be applied, so you can decide which ones you want to keep or re-roll.

There is a special item called a Serendipity Stonewhich allows you to re-roll any Effect on your cloak. However, these stones are generally hard to come by, so make sure to try to get the desired Effects as much as you can as you level up the cloak. Once your basic Epherium Cloak reaches Divine Gradeyou have the option of upgrading to the next tier Delphinad.

Note, when you upgrade a cloak to the next Tier, all existing Effects on the cloak will be removed, and all new random Effects will be added when grading it up. Honorforged Medal can only be purchased from the Honor shop and are untradable.

New Costume Synthesis System for ArcheAge Account Holders Pt. 2

Note, after you upgrade, you will receive a Grand grade cloak. Axis Mundi Aegis is a cloak you can purchase with 1, Gilda Star. This cloak is tradable, so you may find it on the Auction House. Note, after you upgrade, you will receive a Rare grade cloak.

archeage costume synthesis


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