Dan wesson patriot

Quick question - I am interested in a Dan Wesson Bobtail in 10mm, but am confused. I have seen both COmmander style and something called the Patriot. I can't find any 'Patriot' on DW's website, either. Tex, let me see if I can straighten-out your confusion.

Dan Wesson currently features 3 platforms in 10mm, according to most recent corporate webpage. The RZ and Pointman 7: are full-sized, 'regular''s, in 10mm, of course. According to the website it is still currently available.

Got it, but what is the Patriot? I have seen images of them and apparently they have been discussed some on this and forum. According to the Dan Wesson website ; 3 seperate lines of style pistols are still manufactured.

These are: Patriot series, Pointman series, and the RZ series. There a 4 seperate models for the Patriot. You would think CZ would list all current offerings on one webpage. So I stand corrected, I hope this new info helps.

Somewhere on there it says that it is not current and is only being used as an example of their web development. You need to go through the cz-usa. Here is a thread where DW clarifies:. Then, I guess was initially right. The CZ website is the main source for information. This is getting more complicated than the 'Kennedy Assasination Conspiracy'.

Does anyone own a "Patriot" in 10mm. Except for the logos, they look identical. So the final consensus is: the original Patriot series has evolved, or name-changed to the 'Classic'. Anyone else, with any dissenting information? On the DW, is there an appreciable difference between reliability or performance of the external vs.

I just bought a Patriot Bobtail from a friend of mine.This information was taken from information. Dan Wesson Firearms now offers front-strap checkering as a standard production feature on this model.

Why Buy A 1911? Is it Right For You?

This elegant and functional checkering completes the hand crafted and fitted, match ready pistols. Skip to content This information was taken from information. The Patriot Commanders are for those interested in a slightly shorter and morde compact version of the standard length Dan Wesson Firearms Front-strap checkering option:. The Dan Wesson Patriot Series s are targeted in our indoor shooting tunnel before shipping. While we only have 50ft indoor range, no Patriot is shipped unless it shoots 1.

Dan Wesson Firearms Front-strap checkering option: Dan Wesson Firearms now offers front-strap checkering as a standard production feature on this model. Available chambered for 45 ACP, other calibers to follow. The Patriot is for those who wish a hand crafted match ready style pistol, out of the box.

It incorporates the idustries highest quality in parts and materials and is hand finished to present a masterpiece in a The Patriot pistols are featured for the serious competortion on the range or in the field.Based on production numbers on this forum, DW produced about s during the three years I have two of them, and both blued.

Most of the testimonies I read are rav reviews. Guns are tight, dead accurate, shoot and handle well, generally flawless.

I did read a review by the now deceased Stephen Camp for a forum on a PTE-S and he mentioned some issues like a broken mag release first time out, a trigger set screw working loose and some parts he changed like a plastic mainspring housing, which surprised me. I checked my two blued guns and the MSH is definitely metal. Were they just good mid-range s? Serial number something.

It is my go to the range every time gun. Fabulous trigger.

Patriot Firearms USA

Awesome accuracy, although I am not very proficient. It has a revolver removable front sight and a Millett rear. It is extremely tight and a joy to shoot. Oh, the slide is a gorgeous Barney. Interestingly, it is about as accurate and the same trigger as my loose as a goose Ruger of early vintage.

It is easily the most consistently accurate and functioning centerfire pistol I have ever owned or shot. BUT this is solely my perception and no real data to back it up. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman "Were is the Self Help Section? The one pre-CZ stacks up to current production in all aspects. No issues with old or newer Point Man guns. Technically, the glass is always full; half liquid, half air Register Log In.

dan wesson patriot

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Member Since: February 22, I appreciate the replies and the assessments.Eight years ago, I got a stainless steel Dan Wesson Patriot pistol. Initial shooting proved the pistol to be utterly reliable with all JHP ammo I tried, be they handloads or commercial. Likewise, the pistol gobbled up gr. CSWC's, including some designs that can balk in more than a few pattern pistols. The only problem that can be attributed to the pistol was that the MIM magazine release broke very early on.

dan wesson patriot

Dan Wesson promptly sent me another, but I choose an Ed Brown for replacement. Though a commercially produced pistol, the DW Patriot was "proofed. Included with the Patriot was a laminated proof target. Shown with the instruction manual is the proof target that accompanied my Patriot. The group is well under 1. The DW Patriot boasted a forged frame, fitted match barrel and bushing, and an external extractor.

The latter is a topic of heated discussions, but this one worked fine and continues to do so. That saidI personally prefer the traditional internal type.

The barrel chamber is tight and is not tolerant of poorly-loaded, out-of-spec ammunition. It has never malfunctioned with any factory load, but some slightly too long gr. CSWC handloads did fail to chamber; that was my fault.

With the same bullets, but loaded to 1. Shooting from a rest with wrists sandbagged, I came close but never have shot a yard group as small as the proof target. The Patriot grouped nicely in the beginning and continues to do so. These groups were fired during the initial shooting of the gun 8 years ago.

During the years that I've owned and shot the Patriot, I would estimate about 6K rounds have been fired. Most have been gr. CSWC handloads or standard pressure gr. The pistol has held up nicely. Wear, really more like burnishing, is even on the frame and slide.

There remains some lateral and vertical play between the slide and frame, but it is minimal.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. Sales Tax: Click here for tax information. We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment and shipping. Absolutely, this happens routinely as we bid for you as if you are actually here.

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Dan Wesson M1911 ACP pistol

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Dan Wesson uses the best components and finishes the industry has to offer creating the best possible The Discretion features an extended and threaded match-grade stainless barrel, aggressively-ported slide, serrated trigger and competition-inspired hammer.

dan wesson patriot

Its high tritium sights allow for sighting over the top of most pistol suppressors, with a rear designed so that the slide can be racked on a belt if using the pistol one-handed. This Commander model has a reduced slide and barrel length. It also has a 5" barrel, G10 grip, and a black duty finish. Your cart is empty. Item s In Cart. Shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. Sign In. Create Account. Checkout as Guest.

dan wesson patriot

We will do our best to fulfill your orders. In the event we cannot do so, we will let you know and your purchase will be refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We're all in this together. Thanks for understanding. Patriot Pawn If you're ready to buy, call or come by and give us a chance to beat the price! Main Street Newton, KS Create Account Sign In. Home Handguns Semi-Automatic.


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