Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he has a nightmare

If I get anything wrong, please correct me. And if this subject makes you uncomfortable, feel free to skip this post. As soon as he finds out what causes DID and that a person he cares about has it, he will do anything to help you in any way he can. Reiji : He has studied the topic, and, if you are comfortable with yourself and the other alters being out and yourselves around him, he promises to show your system all the love and support he can.

Laito : Hey, if you ever feel uncomfortable around him or anyone else, just let him know. He knows how extra he and his brothers can get. He will try his best not to trigger you. His mood can shift incredibly fast.

Mental disorders are hard to live with, and he knows that. Especially one as heavy and misunderstood as DID. Alters, switching, how one develops DID, etc. Living with the Mukamis was a bit weird. Ruki and Yuma were pretty close to being regular guys, but Azusa and Kou overpowered them. Speaking of the blonde idol, you and Kou were walking to your next class that you are together in. Your casual conversation turned into a slight problem. Then multiple female voices chimed in.

The next thing you knew, Kou grabbed your wrist and ran away from the horde of fangirls. The girls behind you were running with the two of you, but your immortal housemate was faster. The Mukami quickly threw you into a small janitor closet and locked the door after walking in himself. He sighed before turning on the light in the tiny room.

None of my fans know how to control themselves, apparently. Is your wrist okay? It was at this moment you realized just how close Kou was to you. Your face was about an inch away from his chest. You could feel your face heat up. You tried moving away, but tripped on a crate. Before you landed, your blue-eyed friend grabbed one of your hands and lifted you back up. Yuma being Yuma for 3 minutes straight The end of an era.

Azusa being Azusa for 3 minutes straight. Kou being Kou for over 3 minutes straight. Ruki being Ruki for almost 2 minutes straight.Hope you enjoy, anyway! Keep reading. Which is… tragic. Originally posted by catchymemes. Now, ah… my writing has changed. This also means, for now, requests are closed.

Originally posted by zero-three-zero-three-six-six. He would be slightly worried if the baby was affected in any way. Originally posted by gantaiz.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he has a nightmare

Originally posted by yakumocchi. Originally posted by thelittlethingsdl.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he has a nightmare

He would scoff and laugh at you for being an idiot because you managed to hurt yourself by accident. He would only show some care as he bandaged the wound for you and constantly ask if the baby would be ok.

Originally posted by matsunagatomoyah. He would later feel bad for yelling and kiss your wound to try and make it better. He might even offer you some candy.

Diabolik Lovers: Which Sakamaki brother is your soulmate ?

Originally posted by mayu-killer-lady. Call you dumb livestock and would be quick you bandage you. His words would be hurtful but his body language showed he cared. Originally posted by flawlesshime. Originally posted by natsukineko. He would be worried for the baby but still make sure you were at least okay. He would be passive-aggressive about the situation. Originally posted by nagittos. He would probably be the one who caused the cut.

Originally posted by chirusse. No worry at all. Closest to a reaction would be to laugh and remind you you were a careless baka. Hope you enjoyed! Requests are still open!The way he would try to make it up to her would be to cuddle with her, even if she struggles, and mutter very quietly sorry.

Reiji - One of his comments got too harsh most likely. He would cough awkwardly, offer her a cup of tea, and perhaps look over what he said and perhaps revise it. However, he would never directly apologize. Ayato - Yeah, he made way too much fun of your lack of boobs, now you were feeling shitty and self-conscious. He would lie against the door, cracking a few weak jokes before, perhaps sipping a few sips of wine to gather courage, telling you how he really feels.

Kanato - He punished you too harshly, words and otherwise, and now you could barely move nor did you want to. However, he may give you Teddy to hold and share a bit of cake with you. Subaru - He would be immediately regretful, seeing the tears spill from your eyes when he tells you to get the fuck out before he strangles those eyes of yours from your sockets.

However, when he would cool down, he would reluctantly approach you, sitting beside you. Silence would be between you two for a moment before he lies his head on your shoulder, huffing softly. He would mutter a sorry and ask you to make one of those damn car jokes you always make already.

Kino - He would be very clingy, covering you kisses and trying to dissuade you of the idea of what he said earlier: that you are a pawn and only a pawn to him.

His left hand held his temples, mind processing the state he was in; what had just happened, and was this reality surrounding him at the moment? Round eyes briefly glanced at the small lump beside, the smaller figure of your body. Venturing to take the risk, his form shrank back to lie down onto the bed and under the sheets, body scooting closer to spoon yours lightly. He buried his face into the small crook of your neck, inhaling the natural scent you emitted for his comfort.

He lifted his drooping head up, meeting your eyes with his melancholic ones. I want to help you. A dream.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he has a nightmare

That will never happen. You too, did not want to speak of it so openly. The self-centered youth closed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth in defeat. A side he never wanted you to see of him was fully exposed, and he hated himself for that. No perversion even crossing his mind as he nuzzled his head between your breasts, he held you tighter, closer to him. He wanted proof of your form sticking right beside him, never intending to leave you in such horrid ways.

Diabolik Lovers Scenarios

You smiled, stroking his locks between your gentle fingers, planting a peck on his forehead as if he were a small, lost child in need of caring.Hi anon! I wrote scenarios instead of hc. Knowing him, you could tell he was pretending to be asleep so no one would bother him but you needed to interrupt his plans, there was something important you needed to discuss with him.

I know you can hear me. He slowly opened one of his eyes and stared at you waiting for you to continue. Shu sighed. Since you were standing in front of him he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down, forcing you to sit on his lap. Shivers went down your spine not letting you speak another word. Reiji: Reiji was reading a book in his bedroom.

Earlier you two had a small argument because you were messing around with his brothers instead of doing your chores, you felt bad for putting aside your responsibilities and tried to apologize but tired of excuses he decided to ignore you and went to his room. You knocked his door softly. Reiji put his book aside and looked at you waiting for you to speak. You walked even closer and then sat on his lap. Ayato: Both of you were at school but he managed to convince you to skip the last class so you decided to kill some time together at the rooftop.

You were sitting on the floor next to each other just staring at the night sky and talking about random thoughts that would cross your mind. Being here with you doing nothing? Are you already getting bored of me? Why are you twisting my words!? When you were close enough he kissed your lips and then he pointed at his lap asking you to sit there. You did as he wanted, you sat on his lap facing him. A smile grow on his face and you kissed him again, one time… two times… maybe even three.

Subaru: Both of you were sitting in your bed, you were watching a movie together in your room. After an hour you got hungry and thought about making some popcorn to eat while watching the rest of the movie. You suddenly paused the tv. What are you doing? He put his arms around you, hugging you from behind so you would stay in place. He was still hugging you but his grip softened so you could be comfortable.

He put his chin on your shoulder and pulled you a little bit closer. Kanato: You two were in his room. He bought some new clothes for his dolls but he wanted to see how they looked on you first so he made you try them one by one.

Kanato sat in the chair and grabbed your wrist to pull you down, making you sit on his lap. You knew you had to take care with your words when you talked to him but it was already too late. He locked your legs with his, leaving you unable to move. You were confused but did as he asked. Kanato removed your shirt and changed it for one from the pile he put next to the chair earlier.

He sighed. Laito: Both of you were hanging out in the living room. You were reading a magazine and Laito was sitting next to you. Why are you acting like a little kid?It had been almost six months since you had come to live at the Sakamaki Mansion like Estate, though it had only been about four months since Shu had apologised to you for you finding out about him and his brothers being Vampires, especially in the way you had which had been him drinking Yuis blood, and now you had allowed that incident to fade into the past as you curled up under your covers of your bed to fall asleep.

In the last few days you had felt a little more tired than normal, though you were unsure as to why, so you would occasionally sneak to your room during the day if you weren't at school, and grabbed a nap while no one was around.

ASMR: Kirishima's Dark Past. (MHA) [Audio Roleplay]

Though on this pacific day you had meant to be spending the day with Shu, making sure he actually studied for an exam his year was having, so Reiji had asked you to study with him, and yet here you were curled up in bed passed out cold asleep. From across your room bright cerulean blue eyes sparkled slightly, before Shu stepped over to your bed with a smirk touching his lips, planing to wake you up any way he could while scolding you for the fun of it, and yet as soon as his eyes landed upon your sleeping face Shu stopped in his tracks.

Shu had often caught you sleeping in the past, though today seemed to be different, as normally he would leave you to sleep, and even curl up beside you to fall asleep himself; however, this time Shu sat on the edge of your bed as he gazed down at your sleeping face, noticing how your pink lips parted slightly to breath lowly, the slight flickering of your eyes as you seemingly dreamed, and the way your hands curled within the covers while tightly gripping them as you slept soundly.

His betrothed Fiancee sleeping soundly. You sighed heavily while working on a puzzle book with Laito, six months had passed since you came here, months since you caught Laito drinking Yuis blood, and months since you had accepted Laitos apology and had forgiven him with promises of it not happening again.

It had been the weekend so you had been thankful to finally just curl up while doing some puzzle books, while being in Laitos arms as he rested his chin against your shoulder while pointing to different parts of the puzzle you were doing, occasionally correcting any you may have gotten wrong with his contagious laughter reverberating around your head, and causing you to chuckle yourself as you thanked him before correcting your mistake.

You had always enjoyed doing puzzles with Laito, it was something you both thoroughly enjoyed doing other than being perverted with anyone mainly each other, though you had already been doing the puzzles in your new book for about three hours, and yet you couldn't hear any movement from outside of the games room in which you had been curled up. Releasing a small tired sounding sigh from parted lips, you shifted slightly before leaning back against Laitos chest more than you had previously been, before feeling your eyes suddenly droop while continuing to tiredly complete the puzzle you had been doing, and yet before you could fill in the next box of the puzzle your eyes were closed and you had drifted off to sleep against Laitos body.

Laito noticed the slight shallowness of your breathing as he glanced his deep green eyes towards your face, causing him to smirk deviously as he lightly stroked his fingers over your abdomen before holding you tightly to his body, while simply watching you sleeping against his body, and the evident flush touching his cheeks would have implied to anyone who walked into the games room that he was enjoying watching you sleeping while being pressed against his body.

Though, Laito remained curled up upon one of the chairs the two of you had seated yourselves in, as he hadn't wanted to disturb you even though it was still quite cold outside, Laito knew that you most likely would feel the cold even more than you currently could if he was to move or disturb you, and on top of that Laito didn't want to risk pissing you off as waking you up while you slept wasn't a good thing.

So Laito did the only thing he wanted to do, snuggle you closer to his body while he watched you sleeping with your head rested against his chest, your lips slightly parted as you breathed softly, and the rhythmic sound of your heart thumping within your chest that he could feel made him feel somewhat giddy. Of course, Laito had never really watched you sleep before, so he savoured the sight of your lips parted while you breathed, the relaxed look upon your face as if you were dreaming of something relaxing, and though Laito felt giddy about watching you he also enjoyed the warmth your body provided as he held you more tighter to his body making sure he didn't wake you up.

Diabolik Lovers Scenarios — Let me know your results! ^^ First bitten by:...

You had been sat in your room drawing up some designs for something you wanted to make, six months had passed since you came to live with your Sadistic bad tempered Fiancee, though in all the time you had been at the Sakamaki Mansion like Estate you had somewhat enjoyed yourself, and the memories of seeing Kanato drinking Yuis blood had been long forgotten.

Shaking your head you slowly put your pencil down before turning out your lamp, as you stood up then walked back over towards your bed, where you climbed back in under the covers, and slowly fell back to sleep with a small smile touching your lips.

By the time the Sakamaki brothers had awoken, Kanato had cheerfully skipped, he may as well had at least, down towards your bedroom to walk down to the kitchen to get breakfast, though as he knocked your door there was no answer causing him to narrow his eyes as Kanato opened your bedroom door to shout at you, and yet as soon as his purple eyes landed upon your sleeping form he blinked.

Glancing along the hallway to make sure none of his brothers were around, Kanato quietly entered your room while closing the door behind him as he murmured lowly to his precious Teddy bear, that you were stupid for still being asleep as anyone could grab you or try hurting you, and with his murmurings Kanato noticed you had shifted slightly revealing the small smile touching your lips.

Kanato only raised a curious brow as he walked over to your bed, when he noticed that you seemed to look so peaceful while sleeping, though to him you looked like the perfect Doll, and he wanted to make you his personal Doll all the more. Gritting his teeth as he placed Teddy upon the bedside table beside your bed, Kanato slowly climbed up onto your bed just as you rolled over with a small groan, causing Kanato to smirk as he crawled towards you slowly, and blinked when he noticed your lips were parted with short shallow breaths as he just knelt there watching you sleeping.

Kanato had never actually seen you sleeping, he had seen you pretending to be asleep, but never had he actually seen you relaxed and sleeping soundly, and to him it looked like you were completely relaxed without a care in the world. Allowing his eyes to trail over your face while you slept, Kanato reached a hand out, planing to slap you to wake you up though to his own surprise he brushed several strands of your hair out of your face, and just watched you sleeping while sitting upon your bed.

Kanato couldn't even understand why he didn't hit you, he was never really nice to you, but for some strange reason something compelled him to leave you alone, and just simply watch his Fiancee sleeping soundly as if he was staring at one of his most pride and joy Dolls that he had just finished dressing. Groaning to yourself as your walked along the hallway to head back to your room, from having a relaxing hot bath to relax your aching joints, as you spent half of the day playing basket ball with Ayato, and yet as you walked along the hallway you felt your body becoming sluggish as you yawned loudly.

Shaking your head as you walked along the hallway you could hear Kanatos sadistic laughing, followed by the sound of Yuis voice begging for the sadistic vampire to stop, and all you could do was scoff as you stopped walking outside of your bedroom door.

Releasing a heavy tired sigh as you opened your bedroom door, you stepped into your room while closing the door behind you, before walking over to your bed as you dropped your dirty laundry upon the floor, and collapsed upon your bed in nothing more than a towel that you had wrapped around your body.

Though the second your body collapsed upon your comfortable bed, you head hitting your pillow, you passed out asleep due to exhaustion and the heat of your bath making your drowsy.

Ayato had sighed heavily as he walked up to your room, you had promised to make him Takoyaki after you had, had a nice hot relaxing bath, however that had been almost an hour and a half ago, and Ayato was pissed as he walked up to your door and knocked it. Though when he received no reply he just opened your door, only to blink when he saw you sprawled across your bed, your towel revealing your long legs as it had come loose, and the content look of peacefulness upon your sleeping face.

Raising a curious brow with a smirk tugging at his lips, Ayato walked over to your bed to wake you up, though he stopped himself as he leaned over you slightly, and just simply stared at your sleeping face as he watched your lips part slightly.

Hearing a low groan erupt from your throat as you slept, Ayato smirked as he grabbed for a chair, before placing it beside your bed allowing him to sit down, and then he sat there watching you.

Ayato had never actually watched you sleep before, so to him this was new, though as he watched you sleeping he noticed how when you shifted your towel shifted revealing your upper thigh, and causing him to smirk as he reached over and covered you back up slightly with your towel. Ayato then sat back down in the chair beside your bed, watching you sleep, as he thought about the fact you were to be his wife, and how he could easily get use to waking up to the sight of your beautiful face sleeping beside him every day.

You had been sitting in the garden just staring up at the skies, you had only been given permission to walk around again for the last week, yet you still felt a little unstable upon your feet as you walked, all due to the throbbing pain that reverberated within your skull, and causing you to get constant headaches that left you curled up crying in pain.

diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios he has a nightmare

Though on this particular chilly spring night, you had been gazing up at the skies alone as the Sakamaki brothers had been at school, though you had been told you wouldn't be going for a while until you could try to ease the headaches, which could possibly take you months as they seemed to come at random intervals, and so you stayed home to rest and relax while enjoying the quietness of the mansion like estate.

Releasing a small tired sigh as you laid back upon the grass while staring up at the sky, you could feel your eyes slowly drifting shut as cool wind blew over you, allowing you to slowly drift off to sleep beneath the full moon and the stars that covered the blanket above you, and allowing no harsh lights to illuminate your face or blinding you.Hey Anon!

Yes I can - can you please resend to my main blog? Shu: You were sitting with your friends at the school courtyard during lunch time when a larger boy from one of your classes sauntered up to you and began causing trouble. Just then you felt a strong arm around your waist and someone grip your wrist.

Reiji: You had decided to stay after school today as you had an important assignment that you needed to do some research on. Sitting at your desk in the empty classroom you were startled when suddenly the door opened revealing one of your male classmates who had taken quite a liking to you.

Just an assignment. Need any help with it? How obtuse can you be? Do I make myself clear? Great practise today. You sat down on the bench at the edge of the field packing your sports bag getting ready to leave when someone sat down beside you. You looked up to see your coach seated next to you. Was a great session! You looked down at your lap and saw that he had placed his had on your leg just above your knee.

You looked up and saw a very angry Ayato Sakamaki. He turned to you and smirked before grabbing your wrist and dragging you away to reinforce who you belonged too. Kanato: You were usually had a busy life but last few days had been busier than usual with assignments at school and your theatre club.

You had come home after a long day and flopped down on the couch in entry hall of the Sakamaki Mansion where you promptly dosed off and fell asleep. The purple hair vampire walked in and found you curled up asleep.

Yes I agree Teddy. Laito: The bell signalling the end of the school day had finally rung and you promptly dashed out class. You tensed up at the sound of the voice. It was the same boy who had been becoming increasingly more persistent in his pursuit of you over the last few weeks.Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sakamaki Brothers, they belong to Rejet.

Author's Notes: Okay, so this is something different for you all, I wanted to do a switch up with my Writing style, so I have decided to do a Boyfriend Scenario "Story" Which will be posted to both Wattpad and FanFiction.

For this set, it will be the Diabolik Lovers Boys. Reiji is the only one missing, due to not really knowing his personality, and to be frank, I don't like him. Sorry any Reiji Fans. Now on with the Scenarios!

You loved taking long walks, sometimes you would even push yourself to the point of running to your destination, and then running back home just to see if you had gotten faster. Though you had a secret, you loved long lay-ins in the mornings, enjoyed listening to the old classical styled music, and you had even taken up learning how to play the Violin. Yet now, you had to live with a family you knew nothing about, which somewhat frightened you a little, and you wondered just what type of family the Sakamakis were.

Sighing to yourself, you adjusted your shoulder bag over your left shoulder, and tugged out the earbud of your headphones from your right ear.

While waiting for the door to answer, you glanced around briefly until you heard the sound of the front door opening, and causing you to glance back towards the now opened door; however, as you did, you gulped lowly as you stared into bright seemingly tired blue eyes. Hello, my family sent me here to live with the Sakamaki family" You stated simply, though the tone of your voice was gentle. I wasn't told I was being sent away to be married!

To say you were only a little pissed off with your family, would have been an understatement, you were furious with them. None the less, you stepped past the threshold and into the Sakamaki estate, where your life was about to change, for better or for worse, that was your own choice.

You groaned to yourself as you glanced out over the vast city below you, from the rooftop terrace of your school, pondering on why your family had disowned you, and had told you that you would from now on be living with the Sakamaki family. All because they could no longer deal with you being expelled from school, for your perverted nature towards the males of your school, and of course, you knew this would be a nightmare for you.

You were after all in the same classes as Laito Sakamaki, the schools biggest whore, and yet neither of you ever spoke a single word to each other. Releasing another frustrated sigh, you pushed yourself away from the railing you had been leaning on, and decided to just simply head off to your new home. Though you did wonder briefly if you would need to return to your parents house to gather your things, but you brushed the thought off as you decided you would just buy new clothes if it was really needed.

So with that, you left the school with a plan in mind, to simply head to your new home, and see just how long it would take for them to also throw you out for your perverted personality; however, that wasn't the only thing your parents had hated about you, they hated the fact that you had quite a foul temper when you didn't your own way, and of course this had come to bite you in the ass.

We are engaged now, my precious little Bitch" Laito purred huskily, as he stepped closer to you, and making you gulp as you stared at Laito with widened eyes.


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