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Corsair Lighting Profiles

Last edited by crashniels; at AM. Reason: Updated the Guide. Some things before we start Since ASUS recently updated and released their new SDK i will divide this guide into two sections: The first section being the old ASUS Aura version which has very limited device support and stability but has the ability to get and set the colors of select Aura devices.

icue sdk tutorial

You could use this to use the music mode in Aura and send the colors to corsair devices or you could use ICUE effects on Aura devices. The second section being the new ASUS Aura version which supports all Aura devices at the cost of only setting the colors.

With all Aura devices I mean all Aura compatible gear should work. If you don't mind only being able to set ICUE effects on your Aura devices then the second section is the preferred method. Note 2: This does not work with Asus Strix 20xx cards as they do not show up in the older aura version. Gigabyte and MSI support is expected somewhere in the near future. Note 4: Your device must be supported by the SDK. If you need any further assistance on setting this up feel free to ask us over at discord.

First of all, you will need Asus Aura 1. Using this with the newer versions might crash Aura. But that is not as bad as it sounds as you will be uninstalling it anyway :. You will need to use a program called CCleaner to do the job. Most of the times a normal windows uninstall will not work as Asus doesn't uninstall everything for some reason. Just note that when uninstalling to both uninstall Asus Aura and Aura Service. This is how it would look. After you have installed Asus Aura and it starts up you should make sure it works by selecting the rainbow effect or any of the ones below that.

It is an installer and will go through like any regular program installer. When that is done you should have a new desktop icon. Double click it like a regular program and it should open. It should look similar to this after that. It will cause lag since it is getting and setting the color at the same time. Avoid that. It has no documented function so for now it is "just there".

Ignore it for now. Another bug is that the Strix xe board is bugging out a bit. It works fine except for anything connected to either of the 12v RGB headers. Note 2: When launching Jacknet sync it may take longer since Aura takes long to add the devices in. After making sure you have a working Aura install you can start by installing Jacknet sync.

After you open it it may take a while but it should pop up eventually. Head over to the settings tab first and make sure your Aura devices are listed. As for the Aura devices you want to drag them over.Read Next : Java tutorial for beginners. SDK provides a selection of tools required to build Android apps or to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These days, the Android SDK also comes bundled with Android Studio, the integrated development environment where the work gets done and many of the tools are now best accessed or managed.

You can download the SDK independently however if that is your preference. While there are many different programming languages and a host of IDEs you can use to create an app, the SDK is a constant. So, all you really need to know is that you need the Android SDK. But there is a little more to it than that, and using all of the development tools to their fullest and knowing precisely how the SDK works will result in better apps.

Arguably the most important parts of this package are in the SDKtools. You will need these tools regardless of which version of Android you are targeting. These are what will actually create the APK — turning your Java program into an Android app that can be launched on a phone. These include a number of build tools, debugging tools, and image tools.

The Build tools were once categorized under the same heading as the Platform tools but have since been decoupled so that they can be updated separately. As the name suggests, these are also needed to build your Android apps. This includes the zipalign tool for instance, which optimizes the app to use minimal memory when running prior to generating the final APK, and the apksigner which signs the APK surprise!

The Platform tools are more specifically suited to the version of Android that you want to target. Generally, it is best to install the latest Platform tools, which will be installed by default.

After first installation though, you need to keep your Platform-tools constantly updated.

HOWTO Corsair LL120 & LL140 RGB Fan + Lighting Node Pro - Easy Installation & Setup Guide

The tools should be backwards compatible, meaning that you will still be able to support older versions of Android.

It relies on Platform-tools in order to understand the Android version that is being used on said device and hence it is included in the Platform-tools package. You can use ADB to access shell tools such as logcat, to query your device ID or even to install apps. The Android emulator is what lets you test and monitor apps on a PC, without necessarily needing to have a device available. To use this, you also get an Android system image designed to run on PC hardware.

I also recommend this resource on the build process that will help put the SDK into a little more context. Related — How to enable developer options. In short, many of the tools included in the SDK involve testing, debugging and packaging apps for Android.

They provide a kind of bridge between Android Studio and a physical device or emulator so that your app can be appropriately packaged and then tested as you develop. That said, a few of the tools are also directly accessible, which will be used for things like updating the SDK, or directly monitoring and communicating with your Android device. While Android Studio will normally let you know when you need to update something, you can also manage updates to the SDK manually via the manager.

If you are following along with an Android development tutorial, then you might sometimes get directed here in order to ensure that specific components are up-to-date. This lets you build your own emulators. This works with either an emulator or a connected device and will go a little deeper in monitoring the way your Android device and app are behaving. Using ADB is a little different. To do this, you will need to find your Android SDK installation folder and navigate to the platform-tools directory.

On Windows, hold shift and right click anywhere in the folder to open a command line. On Mac, just open Terminal from Launchpad usually found in the Other folder.Turn your entire setup into an extension of the game with iCUE game integrations, as your RGB lighting dynamically reacts to in-game events and takes the action beyond your screen. Turn heads with a wide selection of brilliant preset lighting profiles such as Rainbow Wave or Visor, or even turn your room itself into a reflection of the battlefield with iCUE-controlled ambient lighting.

Give yourself a competitive edge in battle with fully customizable multi-command macros and key remapping on iCUE-compatible peripherals. Switch from an MMO to an FPS without missing a beat—automatically launch custom profiles with your saved macros and lighting settings whenever you launch a specific game.

Blair Witch. Synchronized Lighting. Maximum Performance. System Monitoring. Orchestrate your own dazzling light shows across all your compatible CORSAIR devices, right down to the smallest detail, with intricate multi-layer lighting patterns and effects. Tailor all your compatible peripherals to your needs, from custom complex keyboard macros, to precise mouse sensitivity adjustments, to tweaking the equalizer settings on your headset for the ideal listening experience.

Customized Lighting. Fine Tune Settings. Precision Cooling. Check out the full list of worldwide partners who can custom build an iCUE-certified PC just for you. This can be found HERE. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use.Looking for older version profiles? Legacy content is now hosted here.

Web Wallpaper iCUE Reference

Need a tutorial to get you started? Click Here! This pack contains all previous profiles to this point, in various stages of completion. This was done to stop iCUE crashing when importing older profile versions, please watch the video for more information.

All the Profiles in this section are for iCUE version 3. For people still using the older versions of iCUE, please use the links further down the page. If you're still using CUE versions 1. X, please use the legacy page. A dark static grey.

Works best tied to your media player of choice. Profile: 'Helix' Helix was featured in the End of Year Update, but has yet to be released in it's own video. Profile: '4th July' This profile was specially made by request of Corsair. Not included in any of the packs. Profile: 'Circuit Breaker' Unlike the video, during the conversion to CUE2 I changed the profile to be only one profile with multiple lighting layers toggled off.

To change this you can duplicate the profile and change each one to a different version. X or higher. Tutorial Need a tutorial to get you started? Version: iCUE 3. Spectrum Background Images Download [ Crimson [87 KB] Crimson Video. Brimstone [ Nuclear [ Corrosive [ Old Corrosive Corrosive Classic Video.

Cobalt [94 KB] Cobalt Video. Neon [ Titanium [ Apex Legends Unreleased [ Blackout Unreleased [Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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Corsair iCUE 3. Thread starter erek Start date Jan 10, Joined Dec 19, Messages 4, Not sure what's new, but it's out! For more information, please see our tutorial here: Resolved an issue with iCUE macOS not launching the calculator as an Action Resolved an issue with K66 showing lighting when it is not actually supported Resolved an issue that caused Actions in the Action Library to play over ESC and F-Keys Resolved an issue with Virtuoso headsets improperly displaying battery status when charging cable is rapidly plugged and unplugged with a USB cable Resolved an issue firmware progress counter in iCUE space being incorrectly displayed Resolved an issue with performance curve objects being incorrectly displayed Resolved other various minor bugs and issues Please also note that motherboard integration is now in beta.

Zarathustra[H] I Complain about Everything. Joined Oct 29, Messages 29, People actually use this junk? Zarathustra[H] said:. DooKey [H]F Junkie. Joined Apr 25, Messages 8, Zepher [H]ipster Replacement. Joined Sep 29, Messages 17, I use it for my pump, fans, and PSU.

Joined Sep 7, Messages 1, I wonder if they've managed to reach a gigabyte of memory used while just running in the background.

I've stuck with 2.To learn more about the possibilities of the SDK visit developer. Tutorial: Building your first App. Tutorial: Building an Android User Interface. PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs.

To learn more about PhoneGap visit phonegap. Tutorial: Building a cross-platform PhoneGap App.

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AIDE supports developing pure Java applications. Editing Java SE applications is fully supported. It is possible to run Java console applications. Tutorial: Building pure Java applications. While AIDE supports developing full blown apps completely on your device, it also supports interoperability with a workstation development environment. This makes it easy to switch between the tools. The most powerfull solution however is to use AIDE's integrated support for the Git version control system.

Tutorial: Interoperability with Eclipse. Tutorial: Interoperability with Android Studio. Tutorial: Using Dropbox to sync files. Tutorial: Using the Git version control system. Toggle navigation. Home Blog Community Docs Company. Interoperability between AIDE and other tools.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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icue sdk tutorial

Sign up. TypeScript Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. This was created with the intent to be able to control Corsair LEDs with Google Assistant, but anything you want to use should work; all that needs to happen is changing the color in the text file. This can also be used in conjunction with any other web wallpaper see setup directions below.

While running a local HTTP server, the web wallpaper can repeatedly get the contents of a file from the server, which in this case contains a RGB value. Main Components: index. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.


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