Youtube flash mobs dance

A flash mob is defined by Wikipedia as "a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Social media has greatly aided the organization of such events, and proof of their existence has been caught on camera only to go viral online via sites like YouTube. While there are a few groups who still carry on the practice, Improv Everywhere being the notable example, a high profile flash mob event is likely to have corporate backing, as companies jump on the bandwagon as part of viral marketing campaigns.

We've rounded up the very best flash mob events from both big brands and ordinary bands of people. For your viewing pleasure, here are 15 fine examples of flash mobbery.

One Saturday in February earlier this year, a large group of geeks gathered at a mall in Bristol, UK to enjoy an epic lightsaber battle, much to the amusement of onlooking shoppers. The next train to arrive at platform 14 is the disco express! Perhaps inspired by a much earlier silent rave held at the Liverpool Street Station in London, mobile carrier T-Mobile organized this person strong flash mob dance to promote its "Life's for Sharing" campaign.

Improv Everywhere's orginal Grand Central Freeze is just one of many now-classic flash mob events produced by the group. This particular stunt has been replicated time and again, including once in Sydneywhere over 2, participants froze, and in Paris where an amazing 3, people repeated the event. Central Station in Antwerp was filled with the melodic voice of Julie Andrews, as a growing crowd of dancers provide the moves for a promo stunt designed to push a Belgian TV talent contest to find a new Maria.

It all goes a bit techno at aroundso keep watching for an interesting remix of the classic Rogers and Hammerstein track. Inspired by the banned Xbox adhundreds of Poles turn up at a shopping center for a finger gun shoot-out. If you think it's just a Polish thing, then you'd be wrong -- similar events have taken place in London and Singapore.

Hillbilly Girl - Lisa McHugh (Galway Flashmob)

With a sunny soundtrack and one of the world's most famous beaches providing the backdrop, a sunburned guy in a red Speedo make this viral effort from Flip a win in our book. Flash Mob America is the source behind a number of such stunts, but this Michael Jackson-themed dance that raised money for Haiti's Earthquake Relief Fund and was carried out with almost military precision in Hollywood.

It's one of our faves. Staying with the King of Pop theme, there's a ton of flash mobs tribute videos on YouTube as fans mourned his passing, and celebrated his music with a series of flash mobs around the globe. While all are good, this one is included because we're BouncE fans see belowplus there's a ton of cute kids and even the cop busts some cool moves!

Swedish streetdance troupe BouncE takes a horizontal approach to the flash mob dance, getting right on down and boogieing on the ground. Staying in Europe, this flash mob shows that traditional dances can be just as effective as more modern moves. Get your tissues ready for this one. A romantic New Yorker organizes an entire flash mob to make his proposal especially memorable. So sweet! Part of a European transport company's "Better Bus Ride" campaign, this flash mob surprised an unsuspecting birthday boy.

To celebrate "Domino Day," these Germans make an impromptu human domino chain before being toppled by a guy wielding an inflatable hammer. Somehow more eerie than the Grand Central stunt, 50 people just freeze in a supermarket in Manchester, UK.

Italy’s trendiest flash mobs: the dancing Franciscans

What's really interesting to see is how many people just ignore the static humans and carry on with their shopping. We're ending with this clip as it may be the moment the flash mob dance jumped the shark. What do you think? Have your say in the comments below. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Find out more. Entertainment Like Follow.Flash Mobs have a unique way of getting our attention and bringing a smile to our face.

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into creating a flash mob. Information: According to the description on YouTubeinover dancers filled the Central Station of Antwerp in Belgium for a production act by a TV company, searching for an actress to play the leading role of Maria for the The Sound Of Music. This was accomplished with only two rehearsals! This trip to the train station will be one that passengers are sure to remember. Information: According to the YouTube videoa woman gets the surprise of her life when she is suddenly surrounded by dancing couples and her boyfriend proposes to her in New York Times Square.

The effort this gentleman went through to propose to his girlfriend is truly amazing — by the way, she said yes! Information: Not all flash mobs consist of giant dance numbers. Many of them consist of people freezing into place, just like in this video. Twitter has become the most popular avenue to share photos and updates, your location and most importantly, your thoughts — sane or insane.

This rings true for almost every YouTube subscriber. According to digitalbuzzblog. Many of us outside the YouTube realm are curious to know how to make it big on the hub for Internet video content, so we sat down with YouTube guitari Anyone can make videos and post them to YouTube, but few have been able to capture an audience that would have been considered unimaginable back in Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Phil Pallen and I make a living on the Internet. I design brands and manage social media for h We tweet to inform and engage in short, sweet conversations with other Twitter users. Many times, in order to stay under the word limit or sim Did your favorite flash mobs make the list? Let us know in the comment section below. Sharing this. By Ashley Brown. Related posts Top 10 Entertaining Celebrity Tweeters Twitter has become the most popular avenue to share photos and updates, your location and most importantly, your thoughts — sane or insane.

YouTube, Why the New Layout? Top 10 Influential YouTubers Anyone can make videos and post them to YouTube, but few have been able to capture an audience that would have been considered unimaginable back in Meet Phil Pallen Who are you and what do you do? Flash Mobs Ignite talk Jo's Blog.

February 12,am. October 18,pm. February 28,am.And are dances in public squares to the rhythms of rave music the way to convince people to open up to Faith? To others, these behaviors are largely unacceptable and belittle the sanctity of Faith and spirituality.

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It needs, in other words, to keep faithful to its own very nature, as loosing its identity would not gain it more followers and certainly would leave in dire streets those it already has. I speak as a born and bred Catholic, so forgive me if my point of view sounds biased. And this stands true also for the Church. This is what I would ask them. This is where I would expect them to metaphorically take my hand and show me their way of walking this hard, solitary, yet beautiful path we call life.

So, what happened? Notify of. Recipe Rating Recipe Rating. Inline Feedbacks. When will we be visiting Italy again? Anglo-Italian Covid vaccine trials halted. Italy approves exemption to allow international couples to travel and meet. Italy News Feeds. Life in Italy. Would love your thoughts, please comment.A mom's baby started crying uncontrollably on a Southwest flight, and she feared the worst as a flight attendant headed her way. Instead of scolding her, the flight attendant escorted mom and her crying baby to the back of the plane.

And what he did next wowed everyone! No one likes it when a baby starts to cry on a plane. But for the mom, it's excruciating. First, there's the fact that her child is distressed. But then there's the added pressure of being a nuisance the other passengers. That's just what happened to one mom who was traveling with her two girls. The youngest, guessed to be around one, started to cry. Mom did all she could to try calming the little girl, but nothing worked.

The flight attendant escorted mom and her crying baby to the back of the plane. By now, mom was crying too. But the kind flight attendant hadn't called her back to give her a hard time. He was ready to give her a hand!

youtube flash mobs dance

The gentleman pulled out a bottle of bubbles and starting blow them for the upset baby. He kept at it until the little girl calmed down. He also passed tissues to the distraught mom, consoling her while simultaneously entertaining her girls. Fellow passenger Carrie Jaboor watched on in amazement. The flight attendant's compassion hit her hard, so she snapped a photo and shared the heartwarming moment on Facebook.

youtube flash mobs dance

Carrie wasn't the only one impressed. Loads of comments poured in praising the flight attendant's act of kindness. Simple as it was, blowing those bubbles was a lifesaver for the stressed mom. God Debate. I've seen a lot of flash mobs. But this amazing Irish dance flash mob had my jaw on the floor. Now this is how you bring a bit of joy to very stressed out travelers! And wow, so talented! I wish I could see a riverdance flash mob What kind of flash mob would you love to see in person?

Like this video?By Hannah Sparks. October 31, pm Updated October 31, pm. Jennifer Hawkins, who teaches kindergartners through eighth graders at Birney School in Southfield, Mich. A video posted to YouTube and shared on Twitter has received more than 32, retweets and more thanlikes so far. The video has been viewed a whopping 3.

In the video, Hawkins leads a group of dozens of dance students as they zombie-march to the classic Halloween beat through the hallway. Classmates on the sidelines can be heard clapping and cheering for their friends.

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The Best Flash Mobs on YouTube

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40 Irish Dancers Surprise Shoppers With Awesome Flash Mob

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Nordic Visitor were very helpful during the duration of the whole tour. I would like to say that Thordis was particularly helpful when I experienced difficulties after being caught in a snow blizzard and became trapped in my vehicle. The back up service an support was excellent and helped me greatly during a difficult time.

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Even though we travel to Europe at least a couple of times a year and do it indepently (find our own accomodation, etc.

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For several years now Iceland has been on the top of our travelling plans. We set ourselves quite an ambitious task, also considering that we were travelling with our 4 year old son. We decided to do the full circle tour around the island in just over 2 weeks and I have to say we were not at all disappointed.

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youtube flash mobs dance

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My 7 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed a self drive family tour on the Ring Road right around Iceland in July 2012.


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